1.US Abbott Magic Stage Competition – Champion

- Winning Full-set Magic Act
Content included: - 7 Doves + Fire + Pipes
Charge: HKD $26,880.00

2. Stage Magic Show

20 minutes Standard Stage Magic Show

1.Opening: Using, Fire, Cane, Silk, and Explosion to create a strong opening.
2.Comedy Talk Show Magic: Bottle and glasses mystery / Dream Prediction
3.Audience Participation Magic: Bill in Lemon / Snake Basket
4.Ending (Mid-Scale Illusion): Floating Table / Lighting Fantasy

Charge: HKD$16,380.00


25-30 minutes Superior Stage Magic Show

1.Opening: Using Doves (白鴿), Fire, Cane, Silk, Money Manipulations, Smoke, and Explosion to create a strong opening.
2.Comedy Talk Show Magic: Bottle and glass mystery / Dream Prediction
3.Audience Participation Comedy Magic: Shot Thru The Heart- Performed by DAVID COPPERFIELD / Hazardous Journey 飛刀找牌 (Hong Kong Exclusive)
4.Mid-Scale Illusion: Floating Table/ Lighting Fantasy
5.Ending (Mid-Scale Illusion): Modern Snow Animation (新式大型飄雪幻象) - Perfect Ending

Charge: HKD$20,580.00


3. Illusion Stage Magic(大型幻像魔術)
- Options Include:

a) Cube Zag Lady Illusion 二次元空間
b) Substitution Trunk 極速換人箱
c) Zig Zag Lady Illusion刀鋸美人
d) CEO/ VIP Production 變出嘉賓/主題人物 (Hong Kong Exclusive)
e) Spiker 火箭穿人(Hong Kong Exclusive)
f) Suspended Animation 高低閃電移動(Hong Kong Exclusive)
g) Victory carton萬箭穿人(Hong Kong Exclusive)
h) Fire Cage 火籠變人

Charge: Around HKD$ 42,000.00 – HK$ 105,000.00 (depends on the program details)


4.Brand/Product Promotion Magic

Charge: Around HKD$ 31,500.00 – HKD$ 84,000.00 (depends on the program details)


5. Close-up Magic Show

A magician to walk around and perform some small scale magic.
E.g. Card, coin, finger ring, money, sponge ball, rope, rubber band Magic.

Charge: HKD $7,980.00 for 1 hour

(Minimum Duration – 1 hour)

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